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Tooth eruption in Eagle Rock

Children's dental Eagle Rock
Children’s dental Eagle Rock

Tooth eruption happens when a child is about 6 months old and the first teeth erupt, usually the bottom front teeth. Teeth begin filling in and growing in pairs on each side of the upper and lower jaw. By the time children are 2 to 3 years old, all 20 teeth have grown in. At Children’s Dental Group, our children’s dental Eagle Rock office can begin treating your child’s teeth after they grow in.

By the time children are 2 to 3, their primary teeth are all grown in. Our Children’s dental Eagle Rock office finds that every 6 months about 4 teeth erupt in children. During this stage the mouth may be sore. Lower teeth usually erupt before the upper ones do, and girls usually have teeth erupt before boys do. After age 4, as children’s facial bones begin to grow, it creates spaces between the teeth. This process is natural and provides enough space so that the child’s permanent teeth can grow in.

When children are older, wisdom teeth grow in. Wisdom teeth are generally the last teeth to grow in and usually crowd the mouth once they erupt. If they become impacted, it can be a problem. It causes pain and swelling and the teeth have to be removed. Our children’s dental Eagle Rock office will remove the wisdom teeth in a short procedure so that patients can be more comfortable. Wisdom teeth usually erupt by the time the child is an adult and around the age of 20. Our dentist may be able to predict if the teeth are growing in crooked, and may remove them early before they cause problems. Crooked wisdom teeth can crowd the mouth and cause the surrounding teeth to be pushed out of place. This causes a misalignment and braces and expensive orthodontics may be required later on.

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