Children's dental emergency Pasadena

Children’s Dental Emergency Pasadena

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Kids emergency dental care in Pasadena

When your child is in pain, all you want is to get him or her immediate help. Likewise, if there are issues with her or his teeth, even if there is no pain involved, prompt treatment is closely associated with the best outcomes. Here at Children’s Dental Group, we are pleased to offer our kids emergency dental care for any and all urgent matters.

The most common children’s dental emergency Pasadena is a toothache. To a kid, there are few things more unsettling. It may be due to a cavity, a loose or lost filling, or a tooth that has sustained a chip or crack. With prompt evaluation and treatment, your child’s pain is resolved. Typically, this means the placement of a filling or crown. If she or he has an infection, then root canal therapy is done to save an adult (secondary) tooth. A baby (primary) tooth is often extracted in the same situation. In either event, your child will be comfortable, relaxed, and at ease. Local anesthesia is used to keep the area around the tooth numb. If your child is nervous, though, we offer sedation for use in treating a children’s dental emergency Pasadena. Among other typical urgent matters are teeth that have been knocked loose from their socket or are completely knocked free. Again, there may be no need to put a baby tooth back, though if the dislodging is only minimal then it may be possible for it to heal. An adult tooth should be saved if at all possible. This may mean either securing it in place with a splint or orthodontic wire, or performing root canal to repair pulp damage.

When you have a children’s dental emergency Pasadena, don’t hesitate to call our office without delay. We will have your child seen quickly in order to help in maintaining a full set of strong, healthy teeth now and in the future.

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