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Space Maintainers in 90041

Dentist 90041
Dentist 90041

If your child needs to have a space maintainer, you should bring him or her to see one of our expert pediatric dentists at Children’s Dental Group. Our dentist 90041 will be able to provide your child with a space maintainer which will help to ensure that his or her permanent tooth comes in in just the right location.

There are several different types of space maintainers that can be provided for your child. Space maintainers can be fixed or removable. If a child loses a tooth early, or needs to have a baby tooth extracted due to dental decay, they may need to get a space maintainer. A space maintainer is an orthodontic appliance that is custom-made by our dentist or orthodontist. It is generally made of acrylic or metal. The purpose of the space maintainer is to keep the space open so that the permanent tooth will be able to erupt in the proper place in your child’s mouth. Baby teeth play very important roles in helping to guide permanent teeth into position, so if baby teeth are lost prematurely, a space maintainer can be extremely helpful. Without a space maintainer, other teeth can move into the open space in your child’s mouth, and your child may need to have orthodontic treatment as a result. However, your child does not need to get a space maintain each time a baby tooth is lost. Our dentist will let you know if there is any need for your child to get a space maintainer. If a space maintainer is needed, our dentist will determine whether your child needs a removable or fixed space maintainer. Our dentist 90041 will also review with you and your child the best ways to clean the space maintainer so that the gum tissue remains healthy and plaque free. Once your child gets a space maintainer, they should be seen by our dentist on a regular basis to monitor the progress of the treatment, and for dental cleanings.

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