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Pediatric Dental Exams in Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock Dentist
Eagle Rock Dentist

It is now recommended that children come in for their first pediatric dental exam when their first baby tooth erupts or when they reach one year of age – whichever occurs first. If your child falls within this category, or has passed this time without seeing our Eagle Rock dentist, we urge you to make an appointment for your child to visit our Children’s Dental Group for a pediatric dental exam.

Since baby teeth play three primary functions for your child’s oral health, it is important that baby teeth are kept as healthy as possible so that they will stay in your child’s mouth until they are no longer needed. Baby teeth not only act as space maintainers for permanent teeth which have yet to erupt, but they also help your child to develop clear speaking habits as well as to chew food thoroughly for proper digestion. When your child comes to see our dentist, your child is guaranteed to have a fun and relaxing time. You will never need to worry that your child has a bad experience at our office which could influence their future feelings about dental care. When children visit our dental office for their pediatric dental exam, they will be very happy with fun activities that we offer. Not only can they play video games with other children, they can even watch a kids’ movie on one of our large screens. Our dentists are extremely gentle, and know exactly how to set your child at ease. Your child will receive a dental exam, and a gentle dental cleaning which will help teeth remain healthy. If any tooth decay is found, it can be easily treated while your child remains perfectly comfortable and relaxed. Our Eagle Rock dentist can give you some tips on how to help prevent childhood cavities. We also offer a fluoride treatment to help tooth enamel remain strong, and dental sealants to protect the flat chewing surfaces of your child’s premolars and molars.

For an appointment for your child to see our gentle Eagle Rock dentist, contact us today.

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