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Eagle Rock Teen Braces

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Invisalign for teens in Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock teem braces
Eagle Rock teem braces

Does your son or daughter need orthodontic care but hate the idea of getting metal braces? Don’t worry- you’re not alone. At Children’s Dental Group, we offer traditional Eagle rock teen braces as well as other excellent and effective solutions. With our help, you can find a compromise that works for the whole family!

At Children’s Dental Group, we take pride in offering the high-quality orthodontic treatment to children from all areas of our community. Our staff of friendly professionals is fully committed to treating children and teenagers in an environment where they feel comfortable, safe, and even entertained. That’s why our brightly-colored office comes equipped with video games, movie theaters and rides. Whether your child comes in for a routine dental examination or Eagle Rock teen braces, you might have a hard time getting them to leave! Your teenagers will be particularly pleased with our skilled orthodontists; whether teens fear that traditional metal braces may detract from their polished appearance or pose a potential health risk during contact sports, our orthodontists will help them find an alternative and effective solution that works for them and their parents. One highly-sought after solution is the revolutionary Invisalign system. Invisalign uses a series of clear and discreet plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth to slowly straighten them over time. These aligners are custom made for the wearer’s mouth using 3D computer imaging technology, allowing them to enjoy the fastest and most effective path to a straighter smile. These aligners are also removeable, making it possible for wearers to take them out for unobstructed tooth brushing and flossing. Their soft plastic structure keeps them from puncturing or irritating the skin in the mouth, a major advantage over metal braces for athletes.

Call us at Children’s Dental Group to see if Invisalign could be a great alternative to Eagle Rock teen braces!

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