Kids dentist Pasadena

Kids Dentist Pasadena

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Pediatric cavity prevention in Pasadena

Kids dentist Pasadena
Kids dentist Pasadena

Pediatric cavity prevention is essential to promoting strong, healthy teeth, both for primary (baby) teeth as well as for the permanent (adult) ones. At Children’s Dental Group, you can depend on our kids dentist in Pasadena for the effective strategies that keep cavities as a rare occurrence, if at all.

The foods your child eats and the beverages that she or he drinks are the first and most important barrier when it comes to pediatric cavity prevention. Good nutrition is vital, but it’s important to keep a close eye on sugar intake. There are many hidden sources, with it being added to so many packaged, canned, or prepared products. Even fruit juice that has no added sugar has plenty in it anyway. Unlike a piece of fruit, the juice has a high concentration of sugar, and no fiber to slow down consumption. If possible, make sweet treats a part of regular meal time instead of as a stand alone snack. Sticky foods should also be avoided when possible. Brushing, including proper technique, plays a major role in cavity prevention. Our kids dentist in Pasadena will show you and your child the most efficient way to do it. The same goes for flossing. The goal is to remove as much plaque as can effectively be done, and to keep it from hardening into tartar. The final component in cavity prevention is to bring him or her in for a full examination and teeth cleaning with our kids dentist in Pasadena two times per year. With a little luck, your child will have no cavities at all, but if any do form, it is best to have them treated with a filling right away so that they cannot grow and put your child at greater risk for a toothache, infection, and loss of the tooth.

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