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Kids Invisalign in Eagle Rock

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Pediatric orthodontist in Eagle Rock

Kids Invisalign in Eagle Rock
Kids Invisalign in Eagle Rock

At Children’d Dental Group we know you want the absolute best for your kids. That includes a healthy mouth, and a beautiful smile. Braces are a common right of passage for kids, and puts them on a track for straighter teeth for the rest of their lives. While the results of braces are coveted, the process isn’t always the most fun. Metal braces have their pros and cons, but they are restricting nonetheless. Thats why at Children’s Dental Group we offer kids Invisalign in Eagle Rock. Invisalign is a modern form of braces that is growing in popularity among all ages because of the freedom it brings to orthodontics. Invisalign for kids is really changing the game!

Metal brackets are classic, and they certainly get the job done. However, along with metal braces comes regular visits of uncomfortable manual tighetenings and adjustments. Sometimes wires can poke out and cut the mouth. Some kids – especially older teens – find that their braces cause them to smile for pictures less with showing their teeth. Plus, hard foods can break brackets, and sticky foods are a burden. With kids invisalign in Eagle Rock, our clear braces remove many of these obstacles. Invisalign braces are removable, so you can eat whatever you like! While it is suggested to wear them for the majority of the day, they are removed for eating, and cleaning teeth. That eliminates the need for those pesky “threader” dental floss, too.

Invisalign is uniquely made to your child’s smile. Our dentists first take molds of your child’s teeth, and then using special software, we are able to develop a series of clear trays that gradually move the teeth. The trays are so discreet, most people never notice you have them in. This also helps to reduce the need for constant visits of a dentists fingers in your mouth, twisting and pulling on metal wires. If you are looking into braces for your child, make an appointment with us today to learn more about kids invisalign in Eagle Rock. If you’re going to give them the gift of a beautiful smile for a lifetime, why not also give them the gift of freedom and confidence!

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