Pasadena dentist for children

Pasadena Dentist for Children

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Primary teeth – why they’re important in Pasadena

Pasadena dentist for children
Pasadena dentist for children

Primary, or baby, teeth may only be around for a short period of time, but they do serve a vital role and are important to maintain. Here at Children’s Dental Group, it is a high priority for us to work together with you to keep your child’s primary teeth strong and healthy.

Among the essential functions that primary teeth afford is that they allow your child to move from soft and pureed foods to those that need to be chewed. Teeth also play a role in speech development. It’s also true that those primary teeth are supposed to fall out later on so that permanent, or adult, teeth can erupt. If primary teeth come out early, such as having to be extracted due to advanced decay or an untreatable infection, your child’s other teeth may shift and that creates complications. Now some permanent teeth won’t have sufficient room to grow in. So now that we’ve established why primary teeth are important, the question is: what can our Pasadena dentist for children do to prevent problems with them? At the top of the list is advice for parents, because your child usually only visits our office once every six months. Keep your child from overindulging in sugar so that plaque and tartar development will stay in check. As early as two years old, you should begin to brush your child’s teeth and slowly transition to him or her doing it. Our Pasadena dentist for children helps by showing her or him the best way to do it. Flossing is also essential. And those two visits per year to our office consist of a dental exam and x-rays to find and fill any cavities, along with a teeth cleaning to eliminate tartar buildup and residual plaque.

Schedule an appointment with our Pasadena dentist for children right now. It may be as late as age 14 before the final permanent tooth grows in, so there is good reason to continue taking good care of those primary teeth.

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