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Brushing your baby’s teeth in Pasadena

Pasadena kids dentist
Pasadena kids dentist

Oral hygiene is important at all ages, and even before your baby’s first teeth begin to grow in. It’s never too early to get off to a good start. At Children’s Dental Group, a big part of what we offer is guidance and advise. And there is no doubt that brushing your baby’s teeth is an important step in the prevention of early cavities and gum disease.

Your baby should start to get her or his first teeth around his or her six month birthday. There are no hard and fast rules about this, however, and some kids can take up to 18 months for teeth to erupt, so there is no cause for alarm if your baby is not adhering to a set schedule. Prior to teeth coming in, wipe your baby’s gums after meal. And when that first new tooth does show up, our Pasadena kids dentist wants you to begin brushing twice per day. Get a toothbrush that is made specifically for your child’s tender age. Make sure you feel comfortable holding it so that you will be able to work it without feeling awkward. Keep toothpaste to a minimum since babies should not have excess fluoride. The correct amount at first is about a dot. If you’re not sure, our Pasadena kids dentist will show you. Be gentle, but also firm in brushing technique. Brush the inside and outside of the teeth and the tongue. Replace the toothbrush frequently as you would your own. Over time, your baby will have more teeth, and you will then add more toothpaste and start to floss when appropriate.

Our Pasadena kids dentist will be your partner in keeping your child’s teeth and gums strong and healthy for a long time to come, beginning in infancy. Schedule an appointment for a checkup. Call us right now.

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