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Pasadena Pediatric Dentist

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Pediatric exams in Pasadena

Pasadena pediatric dentist
Pasadena pediatric dentist

Nothing should stand in the way of your child getting the proper dental care. A common obstacle, though, is fear and anxiety. That’s why we at Children’s Dental Group have made it our highest goal to have an office environment that is relaxed and welcoming. You could even describe it as fun. And our Pasadena pediatric dentist has the gentle touch and the patience to set both you and your child’s mind at ease.

Her or his first dental exam includes time to become acquainted with our staff and with the equipment being used. If it’s familiar, it won’t seem as mysterious and scary. We recommend that you bring your child in two times per year to see our Pasadena pediatric dentist. This, combined with your attention to good oral hygiene habits at home, will put the odds very much in his or her favor when it comes to the prevention of tooth decay. After all, tooth decay leads to cavities; and cavities lead to toothaches. It’s also true that an infection can set in. Our priority is to make certain that primary (baby) teeth fall out on the schedule that they’re supposed to. When they stay healthy and free of decay, this is much more likely. It is vital that the transition to permanent (adult) teeth happens without problems. Early loss of primary teeth can lead to insufficient room for the new teeth to erupt. Our Pasadena pediatric dentist will detect, with the help of x-rays, any cavities early enough to place a filling. And with a dental cleaning, your child benefits from having plaque and tartar eliminated. It’s like hitting the reset button on their optimal dental wellness.

Between visits, you’ll want to keep a limit on sugar intake, and make sure that your child brushes and flosses on a regular schedule. Call us right now to set up an appointment.

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