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Pediatric Dentist in Eagle Rock

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Oral exams for children in Eagle Rock

Pediatric dentist in Eagle Rock
Pediatric dentist in Eagle Rock

Are you looking for an expert dental practice where your child will be able to have a children’s oral exam? When you are in need of highly trained pediatric dentist you can be sure that you will find one at our Children’s Dental Group. Our dental practice is comprised of over 25 children’s dental experts who either are pediatric specialists or are general dentists who have chosen to limit their practice to children. One of our top notch dentists is Dr. Helen Ching. When you are looking for a highly regarded pediatric dentist in Eagle Rock, you should definitely come to our dental practice where your child will be sure to receive the very best level of treatment.

When our pediatric dentist in Eagle Rock provides oral exams for children, many different aspects of your child’s oral health will be examined. Our dentist may offer preventive dental care which includes fluoride treatments to help strengthen tooth enamel, and dental sealants to protect teeth from developing cavities. During our dental exams the parents will also be given nutritional counseling so that they can help their children eat diets which will be healthy for their teeth. We know that our dentists are probably the main source of our parents’ information about dental health for their children, we plan accordingly. We are always sure to leave ample time at the end of each exam for our dentist to answer any of the parents’ questions regarding their child’s dental health.

Our pediatric dentist will also be able to give parents counseling regarding the oral habits of their children. These questions may include whether or not a pacifier is good for a child to use, or whether or not thumb sucking should be allowed. When your child is between seven and eleven years old, our dentist will be able to see if your child will benefit from interceptive orthodontics. This is often recommended when the child’s mouth appears that it will not be large enough to hold all of the permanent teeth which will erupt. Through interceptive orthodontics children can actually have their jaw enlarged so that they will need fewer or no teeth extractions in the future. Additionally, if our dentist sees that there are any tooth cavities, he or she will proceed to fill them. Your child will be able to remain perfectly comfortable during this entire procedure. Our dentist will also help with any needed management of gum disease or other problems such as dental emergencies which may involve displaced or knocked-out teeth. If you would like for your child to meet with our pediatric dentist in Eagle Rock, simply contact us for an appointment.

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