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South Pasadena Pediatric Dentist

A dentist appointment can be a dreaded engagement for people of any age, and even more so for a little child who has yet to undergo the experience. At Children’s Dental Group, we strive to make each and every child’s first dental appointment as relaxing, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible. While a child’s first dental appointment can often be stressful for both the child and the parent, our South Pasadena pediatric dentists have created a fun and entertaining environment to ease these worries.

Pediatric Orthodontist South Pasadena
Pediatric Orthodontist South Pasadena

Our friendly staff at Children’s Dental Group work with parents to make their child’s first dental appointment run smoothly. It is recommended to show up early, in order to allow extra time to fill out necessary paperwork. For those wishing to speed up this process, forms can be found on our website
Upon arrival for their first dental appointment, children are greeted by multiple forms of amusement, including the latest in video games, rides, and movies. The child is placed in an environment designed to turn a typical dentist appointment into an exciting experience. In addition to the environment, children will also love our South Pasadena pediatric dentists we have on staff. All of our doctors are either pediatric dentists or are general dentists who have made the decision to specialize their practice to working with children.

At Children’s Dental Group our focus is patient comfort. We provide a welcoming environment and doctors specializing in children’s dental care upon arrival. During the child’s first dental appointment our dentists will be able to assess how best to approach specialized patient care for the given individual to offer the most pleasant experience possible both presently and in the future.

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